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Welcome to Feline Companions

A NYS not-for-profit Public Information & NO KILL All-Volunteer “Special Needs” Cat & Kitten rescue group.

Feline Companions

Specializing in the hospice care of FeLV+ & FIV+ and severely disabled cats & kittens. We offer info on FeLV, FIV & other cat health issues and interesting tidbits about our rescued kitties.

Feline Companions, Inc. was formed in 1996 to inform the public regarding animal welfare & feline health and care issues and to rescue and find loving homes for stray cats and kittens with and without disabilities. The Directors have rescued independently and in affiliation with cat rescue groups for many years. All of our rescued cats & kittens live with us in our home. We presently care for nearly 50 cats & kittens, most of which are FeLV or FIV positive, chronically ill or physically disabled. None of them are confined to cages. Our blind, FIV + cat, Spots, is over 12 years old. Sunny is FeLV+ and has been with us since 1993. Two of our FeLV + cats are over 7 yrs. old, two are over 6 yrs. old and several are over 5 years old. All our positive & disabled cats are otherwise healthy.

Liz is President and has been involved in cat rescue & care for over 25 yrs.

Eileen is an Animal Care Specialist and Feline Consultant specializing in the care of FeLV+, FIV+ and chronically ill cats. (over 30 yrs. in cat care & rescue)

Sandii holds a B.S. in nursing and has managed a cat sanctuary. (45+ yrs. in animal care)

All the volunteers in Feline Companions, Inc. are dedicated to animal welfare, rescue and public education regarding feline health and feline-related issues. This is a PRO CLAWS, ANTI-CRUELTY & ANIMAL ADVOCACY Web Site. We are not veterinarians and the information we provide is based upon research, info from veterinarians and personal experience. We do not prescribe medications or treatment, but can discuss certain conditions based upon our knowledge of and experience with them.

Please note: We can not take in any animals at this time. New cats can carry hidden illnesses that can affect those here and the stress of having too many together affects all their health. Since 9/11/01, donations for our cats have dwindled to almost nothing. Liz and I must pay for all the cats vet care and expenses out of our own pockets.

Please e-mail us for links to other “Special Needs” Rescue Groups.
For further info and to send a donation please contact us at:

Feline Companions, Inc.
P.O. Box 180303 or click on this button to

Richmond Hill, NY 11418-0303 make a donation online:

Tel: (718) 847- 3293 e-mail : Felinecompanion@aol.com

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Eileen J. Poole, A.C.S. (Exclusively Cats), Feline Consultant, FeLV& FIV Specialist; Owner/Senior Administrator of Cat Chat; consultant on Veterinary Medicine, Cats and Cat Lovers forums on About.com

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